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Company Formation

FAQ’s On
Corporate Management

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Accounting • Taxation • Audit

Company Formation

Regardless of nationality, directors and shareholders should be aged 18 or above with proof of identity

A Hong Kong Limited Company can be named freely, but the name must be ended with “Limited Company”, without repetition in the company registry and does not involve any sensitive wordings such as government authorities.

The standard registered capital of a Hong Kong company is HKD$10,000.-, no need to be paid-in or certified.

  • High confidentiality, personal details of members of the company will be protected
  • Exemption of submission of Annual Returns/renewal of license
  • Exemption of tax, companies which are not operating their business in Hong Kong are exempted from all local taxes

Details of directors and shareholders of an offshore company shall be kept confidential. They would not be registered with the government of its place of incorporation and thus it would not be available for public inspection.

Corporate Management

Every limited company will receive their first Profit Tax Return from the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) 18 months once incorporated. Then the Profit Tax Return will be issued in April (normally) every year thereafter.

The accounts of a limited company shall be audited by a Certified Public Accountant before submitting to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) together with an auditor’s report and Profit Tax Return.

Once the Profit Tax Return is submitted to the IRD, a notification of tax payable will be issued by the IRD officer to the limited company. The company shall then pay the tax before the due date.

A 5% of surcharge will be applied to the tax payable for the overdue payment. Then an addition of 10% (the first 5% included) surcharge will be applied to the tax payable after 6 months of overdue. A further penalty may also be applied by a district court from the Inland Revenue Department.

Not necessarily. However, all limited companies shall submit a Profit Tax Return every year for IRD assessment on the tax payable.

A Profit Tax shall be paid by a limited company when a profit is generated in the business.

A beginning penalty of few thousand dollars or above may be applied if a Profit Tax Return is not submitted before the due date. A further fine may also be applied by a district court from the Inland Revenue Department.

The Profit Tax Return shall also be submitted to the IRD even if the limited company has not commenced its business.

The Employer Return shall be submitted to the IRD disregarding the nationality of the staff as long as his/her yearly income exceeds $100,000.- in th financial period of 1st April to 31st March.

No. The notification of “no Profit Tax Return to the company ” only means that there will be no Profit Tax Return issued actively from the IRD. However, it is the responsibility of the limited company to apply for the Profit Tax Return and submit it to the IRD with an Audited Account whenever a profit is recorded in the business. Therefore, it means that a limited company should prepare its audited account every year.

Accounting • Taxation • Audit

Providing Hong Kong office address, dedicated telephone line and dedicated fax line to different companies; With the convenient and flexible location of the services, save the high rental cost for a real office, thereby enhancing the professional image of the company.

Within office hours, calls shall be answered by a secretary and then transferred to the number provided by the client; outside office hours, all incoming calls shall be transferred to the number provided by the client directly. The divert call function only applies to Hong Kong telephone numbers.

Our company provide separate and dedicated fax line. Fax received shall be forwarded to a designated electronic mailbox immediately; In comparison with traditional fax machines, client may receive fax anytime anywhere without geographical limitation.

The registered address is the address that a Hong Kong limited company registered with the government for receiving any letters from the government. The correspondence address is the address for receiving business letters or small parcels.

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