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Website Privacy and Disclaimer

Privacy & Disclaimer

All information, trademarks, logos, graphics, videos, audio clips, links and other items appearing on this website (‘Information’) are for reference only and is subject to change at any time without prior notice and at the discretion of SBC International. (hereinafter ‘SBC’, ‘the company’, ‘us’, ‘we’ or ‘our’).

SBC shall not be liable for any damages (including but not limited to computer virus, system problems or data loss) whatsoever arising in using or in connection with the use of this website by any party. There may be links in this area, which allow you to visit the websites of other companies. These websites are not controlled by SBC. SBC will bear no responsibility and no guarantee to whatsoever Information displayed at such sites.

All Information in the website is the exclusive property of SBC and its subsidiaries and associated companies which is under the protection of intellectual property laws and rights (including without limitation laws protecting copyright). Unauthorized use of any Information in the website is an infringing act under the laws and rights. All Information (in whole or in part) of the website may not be used, copied, sold, transmitted, modified, published, stored or otherwise exploited, for any purpose without our express consent.

Services Disclaimer

  • SBC has no obligation and will not assist the Client in product enquiry, marketing or ordering.
  • The Client shall not resale, assign, transfer or agree to transfer all or part of the services to other parties without the written approval of SBC.
  • All information, documents, statements, signatures provided by the Client or any authorized agents of the Client are true and authentic.
  • The Client agrees that SBC may, at any time, by any means, contact all relevant members of the company, to obtain and to confirm the personal details or information of the Client.
  • If the Client knowingly falsifies any statement with the intention to deceive SBC, SBC has the right to report to the appropriate law enforcement authorities without any notice.
  • SBC shall bear no liability and shall not compensate any losses or defects suffered by the Client, if it is caused by third parties during any documents or matters sending to the Client.
  • SBC will not guarantee for the completion of relevant work on time or before the related parties or government departments deadline due to the Client’s delay in the provision of documents. SBC shall be exempted from the aforesaid liabilities of any consequences or penalties arising.
  • SBC reserves the right to terminate any services provided and resign any capacity of the company without prior notice and shall bear no liability and no compensation to the Client when in doubt of the authenticity and truthfulness of the above declaration and assurance.
  • The Government fee is adjustable subject to the actual charge by the Government.
  • SBC reserves the right to amend any of the prices without prior notice. All Terms and Conditions may change when deemed necessary and will upload at SBC’s website ( as soon as possible.
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